About Agy

Agy Textile Artist

I previously worked as a policy maker at the National Environmental Agency, Singapore for over 10 years before founding Green Issues by Agy and starting my journey in promoting sustainable fashion in Singapore. 
Being a passionate environmental scientist and textile artist, I create environmentally aware communities and bring together influencers who are committed to making positive change. As one of the pioneers in the sustainable fashion movement in Singapore, I also set up Fashion Revolution Singapore in 2014 with Etrican, and co-founded Connected Threads Asia in 2015. 

Weave a Story Installation - Green Is the New Black

My current focus is getting people reconnected with their clothes through my textile art, upcycling and repair, and realising how empowering these skills are. I hold regular talks and share how you can get more out of your old clothes at my signature workshop, Restyle Your Wardrobe.  

I have been featured on Channel NewsAsia "It Figures", Channel U "Style: Check In", The Straits Times and TODAY.

I am open to collaborating with like-minded makers / artists. Just drop me an email at!

Looking forward to hearing from you.