Stitch Meditation

First week into 2019 - how is everyone feeling? Before we wrapped up 2018, I came across this relaxing, yet very creative process called Stitch Meditations. It is a bit like doodling in your sketchbook, but think of it more of doodling with thread. As Liz Kettle in the video says, there are no rules, or boundaries, just go with the flow and see what you come with.

Stitch Meditations with Liz Kettle from Liz Kettle on Vimeo.

I have cut my batch of 4 by 4 inch squares of cotton muslin and have started to set aside time to create a tiny collage. Sometimes I spend 15 mins, sometimes an hour or more.  It really depends on my mood, but at least I'm practising my skills.  You may notice that I don't use more than a handful of stitches - they are just straight running stitches, sometimes a few back stitches, but most of the time just running. I send the one direction and then back the other depending on how I feel or how the piece of fabric speaks to me.

So how did I get started?

1. Pre-cut your squares
Start somewhere! This was very important advice from Liz. Have the squares all pre-cut, put them in a box and you won't have the excuse of not having starting. The blank canvas is ready to be stitched on!

2. Limit your scraps and sewing thread to a few
I limited myself to 4 colours of thread and 2 weights, 12 and 30.  I grabbed a handful of scraps and put them in a box and that's all I was going to use. If you have too many choices, you'll end up wandering all over the place! Remember the power of limitations!

3. Dedicate a certain time for it
You know you! It doesn't matter when is best, only you will know!

This is what I've done so far, and I find it useful to do this concurrently with my walks and observation recordings in my sketchbooks. The best thing about it is you can carry your project anywhere with you! How fab is that?

stitch meditation

Stitch meditations

PS - there is a Stitch Meditation facebook group if you're keen to join!

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  1. What a fun idea to meditate through stitches! These results are incredible. I love your creativity!

    1. Thanks, Brooke. It's a very relaxing session where everyone can just be in the flow of things even though there's a lot going on elsewhere.