Starting My Next Upcycled Installation - Ocean

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Starting My Next Upcycled Installation - Ocean
Free motion embroidery and textile art - coral

Usually after an event I would feel very tired and gloomy. I think perhaps it's because the euphoria has passed and everyone involved has said their goodbyes. After the 2017 Singapore Eco Film Festival (where I had my upcycled installation), it felt slightly different for me. I was experiencing a desire to change things, and this was especially after I had watched Chasing Coral (it's on Netflix!) and then Landfill Harmonic

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral is about how a team of scientists, photographers and filmakers who go on an adventure to document the disappearance of coral reefs around the world. While watching the documentary, I was dismayed at how rapidly things had taken a negative turn in the oceans - rising temperatures resulting in dying coral reefs and changing the ecosystem.  I think many people do not realise the repercussions once populations of organisms at the bottom of the foodchain change.  Basically, changes happening to our  Earth will affect OUR survival as well. Unfortunately, humans seem to think we are over and above everything else on the planet.

On the positive side of things, I was inspired by the action that came out of the project. I won't give it away, but the vanishing of the corals at an unprecedented rates spurred many to take things into their own hands.  I was also enamoured by the beauty of the coral reefs, and I thought it would be great to bring these to the public through my stitching and upcycling. 

Landfill Harmonic

This film left me on a very positive note at the end of the festival - upcycling can have a positive effect on lives.  The trailer below does a better job of explaining it than words, but it was pushed me to go further with my artwork and conveying messages.

Landfill Harmonic from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo.


Inspired by Chasing Coral, I've just started a collaboration with artist friend, Arana Kennedy of Arana Art. Arana is based in Hong Kong and specialises in acrylic and ink design.

We've rust dyed an old bedsheet - Arana helped to do that, and being based in Hong Kong and living near the sea, the dye was affected by the palm oil spill that occurred in August.

Arana sent it over and I've now started to stitch it with coral. It's a work in progress but I am very excited how this will turn out. Stay tuned.

I will be showcasing this piece at THE conscious festival, Green is the New Black on 1 Oct, Royal Park Hotel on Pickering.

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  1. This is awesome, I'm doing my bedroom in an ocean theme and that would look so cool. I also saw that document, so sad