Exhibitions & Installations

Agy Textile Artist Weave a Story

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Weave a Story - Playeum, The Big Draw (2015), interactive art installation

Weave a Story - Green is the New Black (March 2017) interactive art installation

Nature in Stitches - Singapore Environment Film Festival (2017)

Ocean - Green is the New Black (Oct 2017)

Re-imagining Nature, Food Waste and Textile Waste - Art Residency, L'Observatoire (Oct - Nov 2017)

Collective Stitches Exhibition  (a touring exhibition in UK, Europe and Australia 2018 - 2019)

Re-imagining Nature - Singapore Design Week 2018 (interactive art installation)

Pameran Poskad Singapore 2018

Agy Textile Artist Natural Dye Open Studio

Agy Textile Artist Natural Dye Installation

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