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How to upcycle t-shirts

I love working with textile waste. Since working at The Green Collective SG, we have noticed the huge amounts of clothing that gets dropped off at the clothes recycling point. You won't believe that we have collected close to 800kg for recycling since April 2018.

My friend Cheryl Lee of Singapore Eco Film Festival decided to create an art installation at the event (2 - 4 Nov) made from all these t-shirts.  We are planning to create a panel of Singaporean flowers in the style of Peranakan tiles from the t-shirts.

Would you like to help out?
It's going to be fun!
Check out the dates and let me know which day you are keen to help out in at

12 Oct (11am - 5pm)
13 Oct (11am - 5pm)
14 Oct (11am - 5pm) - This will be held at Singapore Sustainability Academy. Details tbc
19 Oct (11am - 5pm)
28 Oct (11am - 5pm)

What are we making?
A 1.5 x 5 m long installation collage made from old t-shirts. We are replicating the flowers of Singapore in the style of Peranakan tiles!

What will we be teaching you?
How to make t-shirt yarn.
How to make the collage

What to bring?
An old t-shirt, any colour
A pair of scissors (if you have a pair!)

All sessions will be held at The Green Collective SG. If any changes are made to the venue, we will inform you via your contact details.

Upcycled art installation

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