A Pigment of Imagination - TEDx Pickering Experience

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It's been really hot, actually scorching hot. I've never experienced such intense heat before especially during the early hours of the morning. Is it climate change? I saw the destruction in the wake of the super typhoon in Hong Kong and it's very scary - could it be Earth leashing its anger upon us? My friend told me that the storm dumped a couple of inches of sand from the beach onto her roof!

Slowing Down

I sometimes feel that if we all slowed down, if we were all very content with life and not chasing after more, maybe things would be different. If you would like to experience what has been going on behind the scenes with my efforts in slowing down, join me for A Pigment of Imagination. This experience session is a collaboration between me and TEDx Pickering and is 8th in a series of experiences. 

15 slots only! Sign up here.

[About Adventure]

You might have heard of the slow food movement, but what about slow living? Slow living is all about slowing down. And in this adventure, we join Agatha Lee "Agy" (Agy Textile Artist) on her journey to discover nature's colours, which helped her discover her 'inner tortoise'. 

On this adventure, you will learn about the different flora in our own 'backyards', connect with nature and also gain insight on Agy's creative process in transforming these colours of nature into beautiful ecoprints. 

[Session includes]

a) exploratory session in neighbourhood park
b) sharing session and demonstration of natural dyeing

We would first meet at Woodlands MRT, before leaving for Mandai Tekong Park! 

All of our Adventures are FREE and the $2 collected would be refunded at the door. :)

You can also choose to get a 16 x 16" naturally dyed cotton handkerchief for $26 as a souvenir. Limited to 5 pieces only!

[Things to Wear/Bring]

Comfortable shoes and clothing
Mosquito repellent

====== This event is made possible by ======

LearnSG Seed Fund, created to help individuals and groups bring learning ideas to life!

Our Singapore Fund aims to support groups of individuals or registered organisations to initiate projects that promote our Singapore Spirit and shared values and build more socially inclusive communities.
Find out more at:

Natural Dye Workshop with Agy

Natural dye workshop Singapore by Agy

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