You can be creative!

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Yes, you can be creative....and sew! That's what I believe in, and I have definitely seen it happen in my upcycling workshops. Last Saturday, we saw nine participants come together, learn how to use the sewing machine, share ideas and just create. It felt like Project Runway but minus the drama and divas (and of course, Heidi Klum)! Our youngest participant was 12.5 years old and she and her best friend were on a roll with their ideas.

Restyle Your Wardrobe Workshop - Upcycling

Here are a few before and after shots of the participants' creations.
Upcycling a dress to a skirt and tissue box holder
Upcycling a dress to a waistcoat

Here I am guiding one of the ladies with her transformation of a long cardigan into a cinched wrap top.
Upcycling workshop

If you are keen to join our next session of Restyle Your Wardrobe, stay tuned for the updates or sign up for my newsletter below.

Update - our next session is happening on 26th May 2018. Sign up here. 

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Thank you to Christine who helped out, and to FashionMakerSpace for the studio.
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