Craft it for the Cats - Help Save Singapore Cat Museum!

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Last year we welcomed a kitten, AJ, into our family. He was 6 months old and so tiny, and had been found abandoned with his siblings in a construction site. When we were deciding whether to get a pet, I had my reservations because I did not know how a cat would fit into my creating schedule. I had fabric, thread and yarn everywhere, and I did not have my own studio. My son had already told me that thread scraps are dangerous to pets, and I needed to make arrangements to accommodate the kitten. So before we formally adopted AJ, we had to cat-proof the whole flat. This meant putting up mesh on the windows to prevent him from leaping out from the 10th floor, and putting away all my art stash!

Sewing cat

AJ has settled into our home and he's now 2 years old. He loves to hop behind the sewing machine and lie there watching the needle move up and down. I think he likes the whirring sound of the machine. Other times he will play with the t-shirt yarn although there was one time I realised that he had run off with a ball of it and hoarded it under the sofa!

“Save the Cat Museum – 100 Days of Hope”
AJ was adopted from the Singapore Cat Museum, a volunteer-run sanctuary for rescued strays, and also an adoption centre to re-home the rescued cats.  They have been operating out of their current premises at Purvis Street, Bugis for close to 3 years but come June 2018, they will be forced to close down.  They are now hoping to find a new permanent home before then and they need our help!

Upcycling Workshop

Craft it for the Cats - Upcycle Your T-shirt into a Statement Necklace
So, I decided to host 2 workshops on 4th March, and 50% of ticket sales will be donated to the Cat Museum.  Learn how to turn old t-shirts into yarn, finger knit them into your own statement necklace, and at the same time help the Singapore Cat Museum. Sign up here.  Hope to see you all there!

Upcycle t-shirts into statement necklaces

This workshop is in partnership with CDL, Singapore Sustainability Academy and Taikensonzai. It is also part of the EcoBank 2018: Save Our Stuff campaign.

Update: We raised $357.95 for the kitties at The Singapore Cat Museum. If you would like to contribute financially to their work, please visit their website

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