New Repair & Upcycling Workshops!

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Clothes repairing workshop by Agy

Upcycling workshop - Restyle Your Wardrobe

My repair and upcycling workshops are back. After a long summer break, I have one repair and two upcycling workshops happening towards the end of the third quarter.

Restyle Your Wardrobe
7 Oct, 1 - 6pm
$85 per ticket, 5% buddy ticket
IDEASHub, UWCSEA Dover Campus
Sign up at
This is an introductory class to upcycling your clothes, and we're into our 9th run! $85 per person, sign up at link below.  Bring two or three old garments and explore different techniques to breathe new life into them. We will share with you our passion for upcycling clothes, why it is important, and how to make your clothes last longer.

Matter x Agy Textile Artist Off-cut Sewing Workshop
30 Sept, 10am - 12pm or 1 - 3pm
$35 per ticket
Trehaus, 442 Orchard Road.
Sign up at
I'm happy to be collaborating with Matter on this workshop.
"With the production of our pants, we slowly came to realize that we were left with plenty of offcut fabrics. In with our commitment to sustainable production practices, we decided to use them to create our #MATTERmini line and jute bags.

Aligned with the same intention, we've curated this workshop to give you some ideas of what to do, beginning with smaller home items. Join us at Trehaus and learn how to make a tissue pack and tissue box cover."

Repair Sewcial
23 Sept, 2 - 5pm
$48 per ticket, 5% buddy ticket
IDEASHub, UWCSEA Dover Campus
Sign up at
Mending is trending!
Learn how to sew on a button, rethread elastic, darn and fix a zip - important skills to make your clothes last longer.
Take home a repair sampler to continue your mending your journey at home.

No sewing experience needed!

Please note that members of the UWCSEA community will get a discounted price for workshops located at UWCSEA. Contact me at greenissuessg (at) gmail (dot) com.

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