Fix It Friday - Fixing Snags


Once upon a time there was a worm that hid underground. One day he had enough and decided to venture out and explore the world. He wriggled his way up and discovered that he couldn't break free - he would be forever stuck to the ground. It was very troubling. He couldn't lie down, but more importantly he couldn't find his way back home. He needed help.....

Doesn't this sound like the strand of thread or yarn sticking out like a sore thumb on a knitted garment you have? OK, we may not have the weather to wear woollen knits in Singapore, but knits can also be made using very fine yarn or cotton. 

Here is one that I have. The snag is at the bottom of the garment and is pretty annoying!

Golden Rule: don't cut the snag!

Don't reach for the scissors! The moment you cut that snag, that area will unravel and then you will end up with a hole.  Here come the saviours - the tapestry or embroidery needle and the needle threader. Yes, that's it, only two items!! This is an easy fix :-)

Needle tips
Remember to choose a suitable sized embroidery needle so that it can be inserted through the knitted loops easily. The needle has to be ball point as well!

Before you start
As some of the yarn / thread has been pulled out, you will notice that some of the fabric has scrunched up in that area. Try to flatten and loosen it out a little by stretching the area around the snag in all directions.

Insert needle 
The needle needs to be inserted close to where the snag is and on the right side of the garment. Insert the snag through the eye of the needle. If you need help use the needle threader. 

Pull needle through to wrong side of garment

Remove needle and insert through the loops of the knit. Insert snag through eye of needle and pull the needle through the loops.

You are now done. It's almost invisible!

This post is part of the Fix It Friday series!

Joining us in the mending spirit is Andrea from 'Little Did You Know'. Pop over and see what she's been fixing.  

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  1. I'm forever pulling threads on fine knitted garments. Often they're so tiny I can't seem to thread them through a needle, so I use a crochet hook.

  2. I have a microfiber t-shirt that needs this repair. Thank you so very much.