Fix It Friday - Snazzy Jean Hems


I've been very busy with workshops this month and I was away to spend time with my parents so Fix It Friday took a break, but we're back today. During the break, I realised how tatty the hems of the legs of my jeans had become - torn and with white strands coming out. It didn't look neat at all! These are the same pair I had done some sashiko mending - more on that in a later post! I had originally machine sewn a straight stitch across the bottom of the hem and even attempted a small blanket stitch but then realised that it wasn't going to do! So, I got a chenille needle and embroidered a blanket stitch across the bottom in an array of colours. 

This looks really messy!

What You Will Need

a) embroidery thread
b) sharp embroidery needle. I used Chenille size 20, but use anything that you are comfortable with and that has a eye that can cater the thread. No need to be bound to rules!
c) sewing scissors

Cut Away Any Strays

Sew A Blanket Stitch 

I sewed a tight blanket stitch around the bottom and made sure that it covered the whole hem. I used all 6 strands of the embroidery thread. If you like, you can use the same colour all the way through.

You Are Done!

One of the issues I had when doing this was making sure all my stitches were close together. Remember to ensure the stitches are tight but do not pull too hard or the hem will end up warped.  It took me about 2 afternoons to complete both legs, but it was worth it!

What have you been mending today?

This post is part of the Fix It Friday series!

Share Your Repair Knowledge

Are you good fixing things be it clothes, electronics or even furniture? Join Sustainable Living Lab's Sunday Makers : Repair Edition and volunteer your Sunday morning's there. This Sunday's session will be happening at the Art Science Museum as part of the Singapore Maker Festival.  

We fixed a chair and reupholstered it during one of the repair sessions!
Photo courtesy of Sustainable Living Lab
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  1. What a cute way to repair the bottom of your jeans.I wear my jeans till it's falling apart and I need fabric patches at the

    1. Thank you! I haven't tried using fabric patches yet. That will be my next go to repair tip :-)

  2. I actually love fix it Friday, thanks.

  3. Great idea. Thanks.

  4. What a clever idea Agy!! I love the way it looks

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Halimah. Think kids would love it too.