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It finally rained, and it hasn't stopped since Saturday. This is a much welcomed reprieve from the scorching heat that lasted over 2 months. The grass and trees are definitely looking greener today! The good thing that came out of the dry weather was that my 8 year old has become more concerned about water usage - "Mum, turn the tap off!"

This week's Greeny Crafter is Vicky of Vicky Myers Creations, and she shares how to make a quirky little tablet holder from old jeans. Check out what Vicky is offering to readers too!

Hi, my name is Vicky. I am delighted and excited to be taking part in the Green Crafter Series

I started creating and making from recycled fabrics back in 2012, after letting my creativity remain dormant for far too many years. Using former clothes takes the pressure off the end result, there is not quite the same stress as cutting into an expensive piece of fabric. This gives lots of room for trial and error at an affordable price (I have to set myself a limit re expenditure in charity shops though!). I love the fact I can pick up and out down the creations, without needling several hours of concentration in one go, this fits well around family life. I love experimenting, creating a wide range of bags and accessories, for women, men and children. 

As part of my creative journey I have discovered the world of blogging – and what a wonderful encouraging place it is. I virtually meet many amazingly creative people who constantly inspire me and challenge me. Having a blog forces me into creativity due to my mental commitment to blog every Sunday and recently Wednesdays too.

Today I am going to share with you a quick and easy tablet case from an old pair of jeans and a shirt.

  • Measure your tablet, add an extra 6cm along the width and 3cm along the length. This allows 1cm seam allowance. This case is for a mini IPAD. The IPAD measured 20 by 13.5cm, the finished case is 16 by 21cm. I therefore cut the fabric 18 by 23cm.
  • Cut two pieces of denim. Utilise the pocket of your former trousers to add detail, and additional storage.
  • Cut two pieces of shirt.

  • Cut two pieces of interfacing. Iron the interfacing to the denim.
  • Cut two pieces of a type of wadding, I used the cheapest from my local craft store. You could use thin fleece etc. Bear in mind the thicker the material the more protection but also the impact this has on the internal size of the finished case. Use fabric glue and attach to lining fabric.
  • Pin your denim right sides together. Stitch round three sides, leaving the top open. 

  • Pin your lining right sides together. Stitch down the sides, and a couple of cm’s along the bottom of each corner.
  • Trim the corners of your denim, and lining as shown.
  • Turn your denim right side out, carefully turning the corners neatly out (I used a knitting needle to help turn out crisp corners)
  • Place your denim inside the lining, so that the right side of the denim faces the right side of the lining.

  • Pin together, ready for stitching together. Insert a knotted piece of elastic in between the layers, in the middle back. I suggest you measure and mark the middle. 
  • Stitch round the top of the case.

  • Turn right side out. Sew on the button, in the middle of the front of the case.
  • Slip stitch the bottom of the mining together, and carefully push the lining into the denim.
  • One finished table case 

Find further tutorials over on my blog, such as a tweed bag, and a jacket bag.

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  1. This is a lovely idea, and would make a wonderful gift!