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Creating my way to Success

I just finished showcasing my refashioned projects at the Singapore Maker Meet at Home-Fix last Friday.  It was very exciting because I was among many great makers - cardboard sculptures, jewelry, 3-D printers and even a hover plane! Will post some pictures soon See link. This week's Greeny Crafter, Jill, comes from Australia. I first came across her when she hosted her global blog hop, Creating Success Around the World.  She now hosts the popular A Round Intuit blog linky every Monday. Thanks, Jill for agreeing to be interviewed. 

Hi! My name's Jill and I blog over at Creating my way to Success. I'm thrilled to be part of Agy's Greenie Crafter Series and to be featured on her wonderful blog! Thanks Agy!

I love to upcycle, and a lot of the things I make are done so using recycled and upcycled materials - particularly old clothes.  I was brought up in a household where nothing was wasted, and both of my parents made things for us - clothes, toys and all sorts of things around the house, so I guess that's where it all started for me.

I learned to sew when I was young and lived at home, but didn't go back to it until I had kids of my own. They have become my inspiration as most of the things I sew are for them.

One of my earliest upcycles - and still one of my most popular tutorials, was to make an armband ipod holder for exercising from one of my daughter's old t-shirts:

I love that this is a super simple project that literally ANYONE can make in just a few minutes.

One of the things I like best about upcycling is that generally you're taking something that is no longer being used in its current form, so if you make mistakes along the way - it doesn't matter. Sewing with old clothes is a great way to learn!

I've refashioned my old clothes:

And made lots of bags from various upcycled materials such as umbrellas:

One of my favourite upcycles was when I used old soft toys to make slippers for my girls:

I'm a terrible hoarder and I'm always keeping things with the idea that one day I'll transform them into something else useful! I've even sewn things from old silver car windscreen shades!

So to end with I'd like to leave you with my top 5 refashion tips:

1. Try to use the shape and form of the original item wherever possible. For example a skirt makes a great bag as it's already that shape!

2. Don't be afraid of making mistakes - the best way to learn is by experimenting!

3. Use all the 'bits' of items you recycle. Jeans are the best example of this - literally every part of them can be used from the pockets to the seams and the belt loops! (you can go here to see what I mean!)

4. Add embellishments - something as simple as a pretty button or scrap of fabric folded or rolled to look like a flower can make a huge difference.

5. Don't let yourself be constrained by rules. Choose what you want to make and do it your way! Refashioning is your chance to make something UNIQUE to you!

Now go to it! What have you got in your closet or cupboards that never gets used.....just think what treasures you could create!!

Thanks once again Agy!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me Agy!

  2. Great feature! I don't sew myself, but it is always interesting what Jill creates :)