My Chinese New Year Refashion


There are less than 4 days until it is the year of the Horse! I've been running around, trying to get our flat less messy (due to my fabric and t-shirt yarn Rainbow Loom knitting) and more presentable for the Chinese New Year (I hope!). Out with the mess and dust, and in with the new. Traditionally, this also applies to clothing, but, in the spirit of upcycling, I have refashioned a red t-shirt. I sewed on a tree to represent the money tree that the Chinese always talk about during the new year. 

Note: this style of tree isn't original and has appeared many times on various craft pages.

What you will need:
a) T-shirt
b) Freeze paper (only available at Cold Storage), pencil, scissors for paper or craft knife.
c) Sewing scissors
d) Needle and embroidery thread (I used double strand)
e) Sharpie or equivalent (mine needed heat fixing)
f) Assorted buttons

Step 1

Freeze paper is godsend. It is waxy on one side so that when you iron it wax-side down onto fabric, it sticks! And so, it makes a perfect stencil.  Draw your design onto the freezer paper, and cut the design out.

Step 2
Iron on your design with the waxy side facing the fabric. Use low-medium heat. 

Step 3
Using your Sharpie or other fabric pen, outline your design. Then, make running stitches along your markings.

Step 4
Once you're done with the stitching, remove the freeze paper and then add your buttons!

Happy crafting!

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