Growing Maker Community in Singapore

It's very exciting to see the media showing interest in the maker movement in Singapore. 
My friend and fellow maker, William Hooi, was interviewed by The Straits Times.  He is one of the founders of Singapore Makers, and he is growing the movement with a whole band of other awesome people. 

What made me happy is that he said "I hope that the general public will not misinterpret the maker movement as something that just involves high-tech stuff such as 3D printing but also the revival of creative craftsmanship like letterpress printing, weaving, and integrating it with existing technologies."  I think as refashioners or anyone who sews, we are making things not just with our hands, but with our imagination. And what takes making up a notch is that we all share how we make with everyone else.  I'm so proud to be part of this movement, and I am armed and ready with my sewing machine!


Check out William's response to the interview at the Singapore Makers blog

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  1. Agy, I just took out my sewing machine yesterday, after like a year! HAHA. Wanted to sew some props for the games for my girl's bday party this weekend. I sure need to sew more, thanks for motivating me to do it!

    1. Thanks, Summer. Hope to see what you make!