Have You Been to a Fashion Swop?

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Have you been to a fashion swop before? It's an event where you bring your old clothes and swop them with who ever takes a fancy to them. I've never been to one but there have been a few held in Singapore. I think one of the first fashion swops in Singapore was at the vintage-inspired fashion store, Swirl. I blogged about it here and they had lots of fun, especially when they had lovely cupcakes to go with the swopping!  They called it the Swirl, Swap, Swop! Unfortunately, the Swirl girls went onto other projects, and Swirl doesn't exist anymore, which is sad as I enjoyed their DIY tutorials.

Fast forward to today, and we now have several swop events taking place! Etrican and ECO Singapore co-organise swop parties. Plus, just last month, there was a Swap Meet held as part of *Scape's Share It community service weekend. Old bras were also collected under the Uplift Project and sent to various NGOs to be distributed to ladies in disadvantaged communities.

Twofold Swap Meet - EventsTwofold Swap Meet - Community

What makes a good swop?

Here are a few tips that my swopping friends shared with me:

a) Don't bring poor quality clothes - someone's trash is another person's treasure but if your garment is out of shape or the fabric is worn, other swoppers won't want to swop with you.

b) Clean clothes, please. I think that speaks for itself! AND don't forget to iron them so that other swoppers can see what the garment looks like.

c) No undergarments as some people are squeamish about swopping these items.

d) Don't forget to check your pockets for keys, money, credit cards (!) before taking them to the swop.

If you're in the mood for some swopping this month, don't miss Topswop's upcoming swop event on 16th August. They will have an image consultant on site to give you tips :-)

Image courtesy of Topswop
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