Refashioning @ Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013

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Hello! I was very busy this past month with preparations for my upcycling / refashioning workshops and presentation at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013. There was so much to do  - I made little DIY booklets, organised all the materials, made presentation slides (plus a bit of research!) and marketed the event on social media. I must say the promotion aspect of it was very difficult, particularly when I realised that not everyone who likes your Facebook page or follows you on Blogger sees your post, AND not all of them live in Singapore!  But, it was a good experience (I learnt a lot!) and met many makers of different interests and backgrounds.  The important thing was to learn and have fun. 

The cardboard maze by SL2's cardboard artist,
Bart Ting was popular with the kids!

Cardboard dragon slayers united!

Initially, I was worried about the response especially as the vast majority of the makers were from techy backgrounds - think blinky lights, arduino, 3D printers, circuits etc.  However, the response was better than anticipated. Again my biz-minded hubby said that I should always go in with low expectations :-)

One lesson I learnt in this workshop is that you have to test out ALL your materials. One of the plastic bottles was just too hard to be cut and we ended up with broken scissors. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Michelle was on holiday in Singapore. She read about the Mini Maker Faire and signed up, bringing two friends with her. She said that she had a friend back home who had a business making and selling refashioned garments!  I like that :-)

Day 2 (28 July) was intense for me as I had to bring my suitcase, lap top and materials! It didn't help that I had to send my son to football at 6.30am that day either!

There were 2 guys sitting in for my presentation!

You don't have to be a fashion designer to do refashioning - hey, I'm a scientist!

Sharing my go to refashioning sites - Recycled Fashion, Charity Shop Chic and Penelope Hanger Refashions.

A few ladies came up to share their ideas and thoughts on refashioning.  We talked a bit about  my refashions, fabric glue and thread - I think we all agreed that fabric glue can be a lifesaver! 

Donna said that she holds swop sessions at her home! 

 I had a tech girl take part in my Restyle Your T-shirt workshop! She was one of the instructors at the "Discover your electronic taste experiences" session.  

She was very patient and persevered through all the hand sewing - she had to unpick the bat sleeves twice!

Getting nifty with the scissors!

This was one of the last workshops of the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, and after tidying up I was so tired that I was in bed by 9.30pm.

I would like to thank the Singapore Science Centre for inviting me to be part of this awesome event - it was a great opportunity for me to share about refashioning. I would also like to say a special thank you to Kiat Teng and Eileen, who were very patient and understanding.  Thank you also to the volunteers who helped me with the room arrangements and registration on the day! Lastly, I really appreciate all of you who came down to say "hi", participated in the workshops and presentations.

Hope to see everyone at next year's Mini Maker Faire! :-)

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