Teaching kids how to upcycle!

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On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to take part in the Garden of Youth at the gardens by the Bay. I had to reach the venue by 11am to set up my outdoor workshop and be ready for my participants by 1130am. Fortunately, I had my little helper on hand!

We had a selection of stalls at the event. My son's favourite was the temp-tattoo stall, Dottinghill, and he was popping over there every few minutes just to take a look at all the designs. He ended up getting four on his arms! My favourite was Five Stones Vintage - they had some beautiful vintage finds.
I had 10 kids, ranging from 6 to 13 years, eager to learn how to make a tote from an old t-shirt. It got very creative when we came to the stamping part of the workshop. We used a variety of household items to print designs onto the bags.
Old kitchen sponges, bottle caps, cookie cutters, potato bags and
even bok choy roots were part of our stamping tools!

The girls did very well and were extremely creative with their art.
We were at the last stage of our workshop when the heavens opened up, and it was a mad dash for everyone to get to shelter. Fortunately, no one got drenched and we managed to complete the bags! 
The girls with their bags!  See you next time :-)

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  1. So much fun! All the smiling happy young faces! I used to organize workshops in my former life, but was always too "shy" to run a session (other than workshop housekeeping announcements, lol). I would probably have stage fright, or increased heart rate!

    Writing to let you know that I am presenting/nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award. Should you want to accept, here is my post on it:

    p/s: love your new button!