Christmas Decoration Workshop

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Last Saturday I had a group of ladies and a few guys (yes, they can be crafty!) pop over to my home to have a Christmas decoration DIY session. They intended to make small gifts from plastic bottles and scrap material for their colleagues. We even made some of the Christmas stars from twigs

It was very encouraging to see that they were very keen on such crafts. Recently I've been getting a lot of negative emails from potential workshop venues.  Basically, some were saying that recycling was the last thing on their minds. Hmmmm.... not very encouraging, right?

Was very happy to see how the ornaments turned out!

Even the guys were particularly creative in their designs and took advantage of the print on their old t-shirts.

These are the bottoms of the plastic bottles.

The final products!

Getting crafty with the twigs!

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1 comment

  1. What a clever idea. I will make some of these next year.