Benefits of hand sewing

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Well, my sewing machine is still in hibernation. It needs a deep, deep clean or the handyman to come over and fix it.  But the last time the handyman came, it cost me S$50 but he did give me some tips - clean after every project (which I have been very lazy to do, so shame on me for not listening), and to oil the machine every month.

So, while it sits on my designated craft bench, I've decided to go back to basics with hand sewing my skirt. But it takes forever, I hear you say.  Yes, it does, but I've found that there are benefits.  As I was down with flu for the past few days, hand sewing was more therapeutic to me than wrestling with my sewing machine.  

1.  It's good to have a little peace and quiet when you're doing hand sewing - it feels like meditation.   Sewing machines can be really noisy - shhhh!

2. Hand sewing is portable, a sewing machine is not even if it does have a carry handle! All you need are your needle, scissors, pin cushion and thread :-)

3. It's very difficult for you to break a needle in hand sewing.  Hands up if you get frustrated with broken needles during machine sewing, especially if your fabric is too thick or you've sewn over a pin - me, me, me!

4. I have more control when I'm hand sewing - no need to fiddle with tension, stitch length knobs and all. Plus, I know I'm going extremely slow with hand sewing, unlike my sewing machine. AND, I know I won't damage really delicate fabrics!

5. Hand sewing saves a bit of electricity - is that a bit far fetched? Well, the light bulb on my sewing machine is extremely hot. 

6. You can use a thimble to protect yourself against the occasional stab!  The dangers of being stabbed by the sewing machine are probably higher - just kidding....

Hey, I'm almost finished with my refashion project.  Will have it up soon :-)

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1 comment

  1. Hand sewing is perfect where the tension and fitreally matters. It is excellent for sewing up toys that need to be stuffed. Unless you pull your stitching really tight you get a perfect tension for critical sewing.

    Also one really good reason to hand sew is that it means the person wearing or receiving the product has the utter luxury of a hand sewn item. This is a real treat. It's just like being given a hand knitted item. Handsewing is a luxury. relish the thought and care that has gone into such an item.