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So far, we've taken our liveable city tour to Melbourne, Toronto and Singapore. Today, we'll be hopping over to Berlin in Germany, and Sheri from Awesome, Sauce & Asshattery will be telling us what makes this city liveable to her.  Berlin is ranked 21 by Economist Intelligence Unit in its Global Liveability Survey.  If you live in any of the cities ranked in the survey and would like to take us on a tour at Green Issues, please drop me an email!!

What do you think makes your city liveable?

For such a huge metropolis, Berlin is incredibly green. There are large parks in every area of the city and  the Spree river winds its way through each district as well. Berlin also boasts low rents (in areas outside of 'downtown'),modernized yet still charmingly historical apartments, sensible supermarketprices, fantastic free and super cheap cultural activities for the wholefamily and a wide variety of thriving art scenes.

Is it mandatory to recycle at home? Do you have to separate your waste? 

It is not the law to recycle or separate waste however, all buildings must provide individual containers for rubbish, recyclable  and organic waste material. Additionally, there are recycling bins on the sidewalks, in trainstations, shopping centers, etc...

Is the environment taught at school?

Our little munchkin is not yet school age but as we've already researched and chosen a fantastic bilingual school ( for her to attend in the future I can confidently answer this question with a resounding "yes". Environmental responsibility is part of the curriculum of most private and public schools in Berlin. Recycling bins arealso provided in every school.

Public transportation?

The city has a fabulous subway and tram system that can get you just about anywhere you need to go in a lot less time than ittakes to try to maneuver a car down the narrow, clogged streets. We only use our car for trips out of the city or for shopping excursions that we know won't easily make it back on the a visit to one of the 4 Ikeas in Berlin!

Are plastic bags banned?

No, but as everyone must pack their own groceries and the plastic bags at the supermarkets cost from 10 - 25 cents most people carry a cloth shopping tote, have a baby-buggy shopping bag or  take a backpack with them to shop.

Cycling lanes in your city? Pedestrian-only zones?

Technically there are separate cycling and pedestrian paths...unfortunately many cyclists don't pay attention to the clearly marked,bright pink bicycle-only lanes & instead come barreling down the pedestriansidewalk ringing their bells expecting walkers to leap out of the way! Aaaargh!

Is smoking banned in public places?

Thankfully smoking is banned in most restaurants, shopping centers, trainstations and other public venues. Sadly, many smokers find it easy to disregard the law when there is no one around to enforce it.

How "arty" is the city?

Art is literally everywhere in Berlin! From fantastic graffiti to the hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of museums scattered throughout the city. Berlin is a magnate for artsy fartsy wannabees just starting out to ultra talented artistes who have been practicing their craft for ages. Anyone withart in their blood has a chance to shine in this city of crafty goodness. You can find a funky gallery show or groovy arts and crafts market every day of the week! Wonderful!

Interested in moving to this fabulous city? (#21 on the world's most liveable cities list!) I've written a few useful guides to help get you on your way:

Thank you, Sheri! That is a lovely introduction to Berlin.   I haven't been to Berlin, but it definitely looks like a green city of culture - you would never find the graffiti in Singapore (graffiti artists will most likely be disciplined)!!

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  1. graffiti artists disciplined? crazy man...although some of them should be fined for wearing their damn jeans so low!

    Thanks for having me! I can't wait to read more city features... it's such a genius idea! =O)