It's a Giveaway! Who wants some soapnuts?

Soap what? Soapnuts! That's right, and they are also known as soapberries. Here they are in the nude (tee hee!), but seriously these little ones do wonders when it comes to laundry.  They have saponins, which is a natural surfactant. You may remember that a friend had given me some to try -  a sachet with ground up soapnuts inside - let's just say the ground up soapnuts didn't leave me impressed

So, ever since my hubby has had his skin rashes, I've been using SLS-free Earth Choice with my laundry, but my thinking is that if something is processed there are still chemicals involved in the product so why not go for something even more natural?  AND then I came across thediysecrets and decided to try the soapnuts again! I ordered the 500g bag and waited patiently....

.... and the package came!!!

What's inside - soapnuts, a large and tiny wash bag to put your soapnuts in when you do your laundry.  And instructions for uses covering more than laundry e.g. as a body wash and even doing the dishes! Liqing, the owner, advised me not to add essential oils when doing laundry because (1) the oils are expensive and (2) the smell from the oils disappears when you've done the laundry anyway!

According to Liqing, a 500g pack can last you 200 washes!!!  

I put it to the test -
(a) handwashing swimwear
(b) washing dishes
(c) machine wash

I soaked about 4 whole soapnuts in a bowl hotwater and waited for about 15 mins....

I squeezed the bag and I got foam!! I used this method for handwashing clothes. For cleaning the dishes, I soaked the soapnuts for half a day and then popped the fluids into a spray bottle - sprayed it onto the dirty dishes and wash as usual -  I found this more effective than putting it into a basin full of water.  So far so good!  For the washing machine, I just dunked the water and the bag into the machine with the clothes -  there's no floral smell, but fragrance used in commercial detergent is a psychological thing to let you know that the clothes are clean! 

Remember to dry the used soapnuts out before you store them away ! You can find out more about soapnuts and its uses at thediysecrets.

Liqing of thediysecrets was very generous to sponsor this giveaway. There will be THREE lucky winners.  Two will be from Singapore and one from overseas (see pic above).  If you would like to participate, please remember to read the rules:


  • a) Make a comment to include which country you are from and why you want to have   the soapnuts.
  • b) Remember to include your email so that I can contact you for your address :-)
  • c) Entries close on 5 Jul, Thurs (midnight, Singapore time, that's 5pm, 4 Jul, UK time)

I will randomly choose from the comments using and reveal the winners on the same day.  Good luck!  

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed....

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  1. Very very interesting! So are these real nuts? And what do they smell like? Fabulous giveaway, by the way :)

    Country: Philippines
    Email: ofpinksandfairytales at gmail dot com

  2. I would like to give them a try.
    I'm from Singapore.

  3. I would like to try this all natural products. Using detergent for washing has caused my skin to become rough and sensitive.

    I am from Singapore.

  4. Interesting.... I would love to try out this natural soap!!

    I'm from Singapore
    email: nueyerdua {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. I have the same problem of super sensitive skin that reacts with strong soap... would love to try these soapnuts and experience their natural powers myself! :)
    I'm from sunny Singapore! :D


  6. I would dearly love to try the soapnuts! I handwash quite a bit of my laundry, but use the machine for bedclothes, and these soapnuts will be perfect for someone like me (who has sensitive skin and eczema).

    I'm from Singapore. Thanks for giving me a chance to (hopefully) win this - fingers crossed!


  7. soapnuts hu doesnt want!!! smth so good from nature!!!!

    i want!!!

    pls give it to mi

    i need it so much


  8. Hi! I am from Singapore and I would love to try these pls! I am trying to live a more eco-conscious life and stop polluting the waters with chemicals.


  9. Interesting product...i am keen to try . Thanks for the give away Agy!


  10. Hi Agy, thanks for sharing and interesting to know such products exist. I'm all for natural products and would love to try these nuts. I'm from Singapore.

  11. I am from the United States but am living in Ireland. I would love to try these because I am interested in using natural products whenever possible, especially cleaning products. I also have occasionally sensitive skin, so I am also interested in these because they might be better for it.

    Thanks so much!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Agy,
    Truly an interesting product. I handwash most of my clothes and will love to try it, as well as giving some to my mum.

    From Singapore,

  13. I am an environmentalist and a health nut and would love to have the soap nuts for my family. My father also has a skin condition and using soap nuts would be great for him. Thanks a lot!

    I'm from Singapore. My email address is lqinghui at gmail dot com. Thank you!

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  16. miii

    hsha i love nature

    let mi have nuts!!!!
    i tried them

    they r greatttttttt




  17. I am from the USA and I would like to win as they are unique and I love quirky stuff.

    1. I'm sorry, Kathryn, but the soapnut giveaway is closed. Thank you for commenting and showing interest in it :-)