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I'm back and it's May Day tomorrow (which basically means an off day for me and the family). How are you spending your May Day? I'll be waking up early and packing a picnic for my family to enjoy with friends at the park at Bishan. Fingers crossed it won't rain!!

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This week's Greeny Crafter is the lovely Far from Memoryseed. Far is from Malaysia which is just across the border from Singapore, but she's now living in Iowa, USA with her American hubby of 4 years and an active and naughty 20 month old.  That's very far from her home country, and (like me) I'm sure she misses it!

A little bit about Far
"Growing up as an airforce brat, we moved around a lot from base to base around the country, but one thing remained constant: my mom was always into making things and she sometimes taught other airforce wives at their club whenever she was free. I remember her knotting and macrame projects, patchworking, quilting, cross-stitch and so on. I was always fascinated by this but also intimidated, but I did love to raid her fabric stash and made small sewing projects like pouches and zippered pencil case and such, by hand."

How Far got into refashioning
Far first discovered thrift shopping when she was living and working in the Southern Philippines as a young peaceworker - "Working for non-profit organizations meant very (VERY) little disposable income, so my local friends introduced me to the fun world of "ukay-ukay" shopping! :) There are many types of ukay-ukay shopping experience over there - from a nicely arranged rows and rows of clothes shop type (like the usual thrift/consignment stores we can find here in the US) to the Asian wet market style of dumping everything in a big lump under a tarp by the roadside for the shoppers to dive in to. Until then, I've never known that there's such a thing as thrift shopping, other than watching US/foreign movies where people have yard sales and go to flea markets.

But refashioning is new to me. Just as sewing garment and sewing using a sewing machine are new to me. But it was the want to refashion that driven me to want to learn sewing my own garment, and made me conquer my fear of sewing machines (which is another long story). Fast forward many MANY years, i have a lot of old clothes that I can't seem to let go of and dreamt of using them in a different way (since straight up wearing them is an impossibility after having a baby unfortunately, and I did not know that it is called refashioning/upcycling at the time). I started googling "sewing clothes" online when bored at work and stumbled upon many blogs doing DIYs including Wardrobe Refashion (which was just closing down when I found it) and it was about then that I learn of the word "refashion". "

Far's Projects
My first projects were mainly large tshirts to tops that I saw other DIYers online made, or shrunken wool sweaters into infinity scarves, jeans into shopping bags/lunch bags, all pre blogging. I started my blog I called Memoryseed, in October 2011 to document my projects/personal journey to learn to sew my own clothes, where I also posted some of my sewing related refashion/upcycle stuff. I also share my refashion projects on Refashion Co-op and recently Recycled-Fashion. I love them! A treasure trove of inspiration IMHO. 

Top faves!!
You won't believe what this beautiful tote was
made from - have a guess before you click on the pic!!


This beauty was made from an old long coat. I'm loving
the vintage feel to it!
 Unfortunately, Singapore is too
hot for coats, or jackets for that matter :-(

Thank you to Far for participating in Greeny Crafters. Far asked me whether I have much luck meeting Greeny Crafters in Singapore? Well, so far I've "stumbled" upon two, but I'm sure there are lot more out there - need to search more :-)

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  1. Thank you for featuring me on your blog Agy! Such a treat for me :) Hope that you are having a wonderful May Day holiday. (p/s: I've wondered where you are from (home country)?)