Jeans into Reversible Bag


Taking a whole week off to spend time with family .... and also do some crafts!  This time I did a reversible bag from an old pair of jeans and two old belts.  I love it - 2 bags in one! :-)  
There aren't any measurements in the tute below as I feel everyone's preference for the size of bag is different!

Good old jeans - hubby's again. 

My old belts from teens - one white, one grey!
 Can't wear them any more -
I'm no longer 70cm!
Cut the panels of jean fabric
from the bottom of the legs. Cut away the thick
seams. You can save it for other crafts (see my jean bangles tutorial!).

You will now have 4 panels.
Sew all of them together - sides & bottom

Create some space!
Now add on the belts - one for each side.
Use anything to put them on - sew it, glue it
and embellish it!!!

I sewed on the belt through its
holes - make sure it's secure!!
I eventually used my hot glue gun to
secure this part.

Do the same to the other side.  A trick
I learnt from my mum is to stick a pin through
the fabric....

... and mark the point where the pin sticks out
on the other side! Easy peasy! :-)

With the bag straps secured, it's now time
to do the bag lining.  As this also serves as the
reversible part of the jean bag, add on any
embellishments! I added a strip of jean material.

Once you have measured and cut your lining
fabric, sew to the opening of the jean bag
RIGHT sides facing each other.
Remember to leave a gap (about a hands width)
at the bottom of the lining and also remember
to keep the straps away from the opening
while you sew!

Turn the lining inside out over the jean bag.

Now to make the ribbon part for the reversible portion of the bag!

I secured a loop with hot glue. Actually, I could
have sewn it on - silly me forgot :-(

Tie a nice ribbon and pass it through the loop!



The reverse!
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  1. The belt as the handle is wonderful.

  2. Thank you for leaving kind comments :-) I really enjoyed making this!

  3. Very cute and I love how you used the belt as a strap. Stopping by from Sew Much Ado linky party.

    Here is what I shared this week:

  4. So awesome! Another reason I need to get myself a sewing machine. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. The collection here is just superb. I like custom hand tooled belt the most.I love to follow the latest fashion trends of Jean Belts . The collection you showed above suites the latest trends and style.