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Happy Chinese New Year! It's bye bye to the year of the Rabbit, and hello year of the Dragon!!! I'm ushering in the year with our second Greeny Crafter, Sally from Charity Shop Chic.  Sally is from London and she has a flair for creating new clothes from old.  What I love  is that she's able to find pre-loved items at charity shops, chops them up and has creates something chic.  Sally says "I got into refashioning as an easier way of making new clothes than starting from scratch. It's so easy to buy something with the buttonholes and zip and sleeves already made and just tweak it to get it the way you want! Since then I have been doing more 'extreme' refashions, cutting things up so they are totally unrecognisable from the original. I started a blog because I had been reading a lot of other blogs and found them inspirational, and had the idea that maybe my work could inspire others in the same way."

Sally of Charity Shop Chic in her snood & mitts!
Photo : Charity Shop Chic
I love the snood and mittens that she refashioned from an old jumper from a charity shop. It may be hot over here in Singapore, but if I have to fly over to a cold country for a holiday or for a business trip, buying a new pair of mits and a snood would be very wasteful indeed!!!

I'm also a fan of her refashion of a skirt into this classy dress:

Photo: Charity Shop Chic
Sally has had lots of compliments and the nicest one she got was when she made a dress from old T-shirts based on a Stella McCartney design recently and a lot of commenters said it looked like the original! Find out how Sally does it over at her blog, Charity Shop Chic!!! 

If you would like to be featured in the Greeny Crafters, drop me an email @

Happy crafting!
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