Greeny Crafter 3 - Chic Envelopements

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Gosh, January is coming to an end already! Where did all that time go to?  This week's Greeny Crafter is Beth of Chic Envelopements.

Beth is a mom, a grandma, AND a Kindergarten teacher! With such a hectic schedule, she still finds time to create things be it sewing, crafting or cooking - Beth is definitely the ultimate multi-tasker!  According to Beth, "all is right with the world when I'm making something....and it's even more satisfying if I'm making it for someone else."

How did Beth get into refashioning/upcycling? Here's what she said:
I was lucky enough to have a very creative mom who fostered my love of making things.... Our house was filled with my creations. I was refinishing furniture, sewing, making pottery, decorating, cooking and dyeing wool with natural elements at ten years old. I guess it's always been a part of my life. Then, more recently, when I was introduced to Pinterest, I saw so many talented and creative people out there refashioning, I thought, "Hey, I could do that, too." So I headed down to my local thrift shop, bought a few things and started cutting and sewing. My first projects were outfits for my 3 year old granddaughter. It was so liberating to sew without patterns and since I didn't spend much money on what I was cutting up, it was easy to take risks and just try things.

A few of my favourite projects from Beth are the Old 80s leather jacket to twenty twelve bag and the sweater to mittens and gloves.  I love the design of the bag - it looks like it was just bought from the high street!

Can you believe that this was once a jacket?

Cute cap !

It's good to share!  If you hop over to her blog, you'll find that Beth also shares her refashioning tips. So, if you live in her neighborhood (which unfortunately, I don't) drop her an email to say you're attending!!  


So where does Beth get her inspiration?  If Beth sees something she likes but would rather not spend the money on it she will look for items at the thrift store that could be refashioned to make something similar. Beth says " I saw a leather bag at a department store that I loved, so I took a picture of it with my phone. I knew I had an old $4 black leather jacket at home from the thrift store that was just waiting to be cut up and made into something else. I bought some leather needles and just gave it a try. I didn't know if my basic sewing machine would sew leather, but it did just fine. I love how the bag turned out and it only cost $5.00 instead of $50.00"  

We look forward to seeing more of your creations, Beth!  If you would like to be featured on the Greeny Crafters every Monday, do drop me a line at :-)
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  1. Love the bag that was once a jacket! She is so talented!!