3D Christmas Angel


Christmas is just round the corner - I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday when I did my coat hanger Christmas tree. I've decided to add a 3D Christmas Angel to my Christmas decoration collection, and it's made out of 2 coat hangers (same size), wire, an old T-shirt (thanks to hubby) and old beads (thanks to hosy!).  I wanted an angel with wings that would  move - I think I was a bit too ambitious!  OK, the how to is below!!

The tools! I didn't use the ribbon in the end.
The ball on the left is basically old
T-shirt strips cut against the grain.
Bend hanger into shape

Stretch the t-shirt strips so that they
look like the one at the bottom of this pic!
For tute on how to join those strips together,
you can look at my Chinese New Year Decor tute!
Wrap the hanger with the strips.
Hope over to the
Chinese New Year Decor post for the tute!

Crochet the arms - remember not to do any knots
but to tuck the remaining bits of strips.
We don't want a "lumpy" angel ;-)
Now for the pretty garment !
Tadaah - this was the next day...
Crocheted strips for the wings.
Inserted the wire into the strips.
These would be attached to the
2nd coat hanger.
Bend your other coat hanger to this shape.
Remove plastic coating. Paint white.
I stuck beads onto and old sheer fabric.
Alternatively, you could crochet everything!
If you're wondering what the
back looks like.....
As I only had 1 t-shirt, I didn't have enough material to crochet the whole angel and ended up sticking scraps of fabric on it. It would have turned out a lot prettier (I think).  

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  1. Great project Agy. I love decorating with Angels during Christmas.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, KJ!