Jeans to chair cover!

Been very lazy! Haven't blogged about environmental stuff. This project took me quite a while to do - let's say, I just procrastinated. Again from an old pair of jeans (I now know what to do with all the shorts/trousers that no longer fit me after I got pregnant - okay, I don't have number 2, but they've just been in my wardrobe for ages!)  

Actually, this pair was bought a year after I gave birth and the muffin just grew and grew that I can no longer button up the top :-(

Anyways, here are the befores, durings and after photo!  Thanks for popping by!

The chair before. Hubby was thinking of chucking it but crafty me
knew what to do!

The after - these are washable covers. I was
going to try and get the original covers off
but I couldn't find how the manufacturers had
got it all together in the first place. 

Tear up my old jeans - this one had nice embellishments.
Must take advantage of them!!

Use pins to pin the material in place and cut out a shape
larger than the original. Create tubing with extra jean material
and put in elastic band.

Added some rick-rack!

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  1. Great repurpose Agy!! Aren't jeans hardworking, I think using them as upholstery is such a great reuse.

  2. i think the original one is probably not removable, they tack it into the chair, together with the cushion sponge! but your new covers look so much better than the original! :)

  3. I'm impressed!! It fits pretty well!

  4. Thanks ladies! Jeans are definitely hardworking - after many washes they won't thin out :-)

  5. I really like this. I also just love that ruler in one of the pics. Can you tell me where you got it? I would love to have one.


    1. Thanks, Tania. I'll be dropping you an email about the ruler.

  6. Great save, Agy!!! The new cover is a fabulous example of repurposing... well done!!!

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