Scarf from T-shirt

Haven't been sewing since the last refashion.  Was very busy at work and had to take it home too - ouch!  Hubby has a couple of T-shirts where the neck line is distorted. It's from when my son would tear at them when he was a toddler. He passed them to me - well, he said "Here you go!"  - a silent agreement between the two of us!!!

Here's the after, worn over a white tee. :-)
I think it would look great with a white tee paired with jeans, chinos and jacket. Nice for spring.... 
Do you like it? Check out the tute below :-) 

Original tees - decided to use the grey one :-) Not sure what
to do with the white one though....

Measure two 6 inch strips from the bottom.
Make sure the tee is laid on a flat surface.

Cut, cut, cut!  You will have two rings of fabric.
You can adjust the size of the rings - it's all up to you :-)

You can add other rings of fabric too. Here I added some
non tee material from an old "doesn't fit me anymore" skirt.

Add patterns - I used my sewing machine.
Don't over do it though!
I used the J setting!!

Gotta have some buttons - I like vintage style!
I used the buttons to hold the layers together. I don't want
to be constantly adjusting the rings while I'm wearing it.

More buttons!!

Final one!
This one's at the back and holds all the layers of material together.


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  1. That is so cute and simple! Love it! I'm having my first Linky Party tomorrow and would love for you to link up!

  2. Really pretty! I love the basic scarf and I LOOOVE your additions and embellishments!

  3. @ Terri - I've linked up! Thanks for popping by.

    @ Michelle - I love the embellishments too :-) I think they add a different dimension to the whole thing.

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