Resort Chic Flower

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So, I had one strip of fabric left from my skirt (now a resort chic top!) so I decided to make a flower for my hair. It wasn't a hair clip though.....I don't really know how to explain it. It's just that I'm one of those people who have fine hair, and when I wear clips, they  fall out easily giving me crimps in my hair. So, I decided have the flower attached to my specs instead.

Roll the end of the strip of fabric like this.
Get your needle and thread ready.

Keep rolling round and underneath the flower.

Tuck the end of the strip underneath.
Sew all the layers together by sewing the
needle into the middle of the flower. Tighten!

Take the smallest hair band you can find, &
a piece of felt that will fit underneath your flower.

Loop the band around the felt. 

Hot glue the felt & band to the flower.
If you feel the loop of the hair band is loose,
sew the ends of the hair band to the felt to make
the loop smaller. Insert flower onto specs.

See how nicely it sits!  It's just like having a flower
in your hair!
The flower can also be used to add nice detail to your watch or belt, if you get bored of wearing it in your hair!  I ended up wearing it on my watch strap at the wedding :-)  
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1 comment

  1. What a great idea, attaching the fabric flower to your glasses. It looks like it's actually in your hair. The flower looks fabulous!!!