Buttons & Bags to Save Water

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I read on the PUB website (PUB is our water authority) that you can use thimbles to reduce water consumption at home. Currently, our per capita domestic water consumption is 154 litres per day. Our national target is to lower it to 140 litres by 2030.

Photos: PUB

Don't you think that the thimble looks like a button? I'm sure if you find the right sized button you could fit it into your shower or tap!  What do you think of the bag on the right? I'm not really sure how that works....

My kitchen tap!

The button - choose a flat one
that's big enough to fit nicely in your tap

Disassembled tap

Put the button on top -
I think I have to go for a bigger button
so that it goes to the blue rim.
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