Chinese New Year Decoration - Completed!

Finished product!!

Here it is! My Chinese New Year decoration. It was finished over the weekend, and it's in time for the celebrations :-)   I started of with 2 old red t-shirts that was cut into strips (see earlier post) .....  

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Materials for this project. Forgot to include my #5 crochet hook!

Stretch the coat hanger into a diamond shape.

Start wrapping the red strips around the coat hanger. 
 I tied knots like an overhand stitch

Not enough fabric? 

Add on by cutting a slit to the end of the old and new strip.

Loop new slitted end through the old one.... 
.....take other end of new strip and loop through slit of new strip (hope this makes sense!). Don't pull too tight! 

No knots, just a flat joined up strip of fabric!


Add "wings" using wire.
  I used stainless steel wire #24, which I got from the hardware store.

Twist and gently insert wire in between fabric
& coat hanger... 

Wrap red strips around - now you have 2 ears!

Crochet away !
I added loops along the edges and flowers. To make the flowers stay in place, crochet stems and insert wires into the stems before attaching them to the coat hanger.

Remember the yellow strip of colour in the Nemo tee? It was a welcome addition of yellow to the whole piece.....

Part of the flower - used my glue gun here.

More flowers - dot the stamens!

Glue gunned the tassel!
For the tassel I stretched the strips so that they would curl up and look like pieces of string. I folded a bunch of them in half and tied them up before wrapping it up with yellow strips at the top.

I feel poofed after making this, but it was worth the effort - grin!

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  2. The repurposing of a wire hanger and t-shirts is absolutely brilliant. Wonderful recycled craft. Enjoy the celebrations! Gung Hai Fat Choy!!

  3. Thanks all! Looking forward to all the celebrations :-)

  4. what a cool idea, my son has been learning about chinese new year in nursery and they had a little party where they all dressed in red, made paper lanterns and ate fortune cookies.
    come visit my giveaway
    Leigh at The Sewing Diva

  5. Thanks, Leigh! My son had a fun Chinese new year party too. They had a red packet hunt similar to the Easter egg hunts :-)

  6. So creative! What a unique and fun idea.