DIY notepads


Getting a lot of junk mail? You can use them as notepads in place of the post it notes. Very useful for jotting down phone numbers or reminders! :-)

What you need:
a) scissors
b) duct tape or masking tape (I prefer the former as it doesn't rip easily)
c) lots of junk mail!

Cut your junk mail into post-it-note sizes.

b) Take your tape and tape the ends. Run your pen or scissors along the edge to make sure all the paper sticks to the tape.

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  1. ooo så great... ido the same ...
    i cut old used or envelope back`s and use them to write orders for my clients!
    I just found you from Wardrobe refashion!

  2. I like your duct tape idea. More do-able for the average bear. I use an industrial stapler but most people don't have one of those around the house.

    I use scrap paper notepads in all my purses and in the car so I'm never without. They're great for taking notes of course but also for playing games like hangman or fences when stuck with the kiddos in line at school pickup and such.

    For those pads that I'm slipping into a purse or using in the car I use a piece of cardboard (recycled of course) as the back piece so that I have a firm writing surface.

    I've posted this idea on my blog "Irish Attic". I hope you don't mind but I'll revise that post with your duct tape idea and give you credit. You can find it here